1.How does Nectro Conductive Pen work?

The main functional conductive material in Nectro is silver and some silver complex. When you draw a line on the paper, the ink gets healed and a silver wire will formed on top of the paper, showing good conductivity.

2.Can I draw circuits on any kind of papers?

You can draw circuits on most of the photopaper, but the conductivity cannot be guaranteed on other substrate. We recommend our Nectro Coated Transparent Film, it makes the circuits you create waterproof, highly conductive and safe.

3.How is the resistance compared with copper or silver wires?

The conductivity of copper wire is 5.96 x 10^7 S/m and silver wire has a high conductivity of 6.30 x 10^7 S/m. The line drew with Nectro I has a conductivity of ~ 5.2 x 10^7 S/m, very close to regular copper wire.

4.Can I erase or re-draw the circuits´╝č

Yes. You can use the erasing tip on the other side of Nectro I to erase the conductive trace you drew.

5.How can I attach electronic components on the circuit that I just draw?

We will provide you with adapters that are special designed for Nectro conductive pen. You just need to put them on the circuit, it’s that easy. If you want to make a permanent circuit, you can use the conductive tape we provide.

6.Are the electronic components removable so that I can use it again on other circuits?

Yes if you use the adapters we provide. The adapter is based on magnetic absorption, so all the components are removable and reusable. If you use the conductive tape as mounting method which is intended for permanent circuit, the components will no longer be removable.

7.How many circuits can I draw with one pen?

If the circuit you draw fills 20% of a piece of letter size paper, you can create at least 50 pieces of it. (The actually number may be very different due to different users habits, but it is much more durable than some similar products on the market!)

8.How long does the conductivity last?

The line drew with Nectro I is very stable in air and even in a humid, hot environment. The conductivity will last lifelong if it is not intentionally damaged. We recommend you use our Nectro Coated Transparent Film for those circuit you want to keep lifelong.

9.Is there any toxic material in the ink?

No. Both the conductive ink and erasing ink in Nectro conductive pen are as safe as regular marker ink. What’s more, it’s a water-based ink, which means the main component in this ink is water. But for your own good, we urge you to take first aid action if you happened to swallow it or happened to apply the ink to skins, lips or eyes.

10.Is there any storage requirement for Nectro conductive pen?

Yes. We recommend you store your Nectro I in cool location, stay out of the sun and always keep the cap on after using it. We also suggest laying your Nectro I flat instead of vertically with its tip facing down.

11.Is the ink in Nectro conductive pen refillable?

No, the ink is not refillable currently, it’s just like a regular marker. We’ll launch a new edition with refillable cartridge in the future.

12.Will the circuit stay functional when it get wetted?

Yes if you drew the circuit on the Nectro Coated Transparent Film, the circuit will work just as usual. But if the circuit is drew on photopaper, the circuit may lost its function because the photopaper will get damaged after long time immersion in water.

13.Can I make multilayer circuit using Nectro conductive pen?

Well, multilayer circuit is possible if you drill holes on the desired position and connect each layers together with silver glue or other conductive materials. We don’t provide the tools required for such purpose right now since most users will stay on one layer circuit.

14. What is the maximum current can the drew-circuit carry?

A conductive line drew by Nectro I can bear a current up to 8A if proper designed, but for your own safety, we do not recommend any applications with a current that is higher than 2A.

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